Saturday, October 18, 2008

Rural China "Children Left Behind" (TVB)

UNICEF Awarded "Children Left Behind" in Rural China Documentary

"They have parents, but they live very lonely lives. They eat alone, they play alone."

Producer: Catherine Lee Yuk San

"Children Left Behind", a 30-minute documentary, chronicles the lives of children who are "left behind" in the villages of rural China, when their parents migrate to urban areas in search of work.

As part of China's economic boom, it is estimated that over 120 million rural migrants have moved to urban areas to work in factories and construction. A new phenomenon in China, the number of children "left behind" is now estimated to be over 22 million. Although it is their basic right to have their parent's love, concern and care, in reality you can see that they live like an orphan.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Election '08 and the Challenge of China (US-China Institute)

The U.S.-China relationship is complicated and is vital for both countries and the world. Where do Senators McCain and Obama stand on U.S.-China trade, security, environmental, and human rights issues? How important has policy toward China been in past elections and in 2008? These are the questions explored in a USC U.S.-China Institute documentary.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

PBS: The People's Court (2007)

Poised to surpass the United States as the largest economy in the world, yet facing mounting domestic and international pressure for a fair and transparent framework of laws, China is racing to reshape the rules of society. In the past quarter century, the country has opened nearly 400 law schools, trained hundreds of thousands of judges and lawyers, and launched education campaigns to encourage people to bring their grievances to court rather than taking to the streets. But the transformation is incomplete and the judiciary far from independent. Senior judges are appointed by, take orders from, and receive their paychecks from the one-party state. Hundreds of Chinese lawyers have been jailed in recent years while citizens are taking to the streets in record numbers to protest land seizures, corruption, pollution, or unpaid wages. And China executes more prisoners each year than the rest of the world combined.

WIDE ANGLE gained exclusive access to film in Chinese courts - a first for a Western documentary. Profiling itinerant judges, law students, a human rights lawyer, and ordinary citizens, The People's Court examines China in flux, revealing the lengths to which Chinese people must go to obtain justice and raising crucial questions about their emerging system of law.

Watch full episode

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The Great Wall of China (2007)

It was the most ambitious building project ever attempted in the history of mankind. And its story has been almost impossible to tell - until now. Based on astonishing new archaeological finds and extraordinary first-person accounts, Great Wall of China tells the story of one of the greatest wonders the world has ever known.

It's more than 3,000 miles in length and was built in just 20 years by a workforce of nearly two million using technology and construction techniques that continue to inspire awe even today. The story of its building, one of human drama, labour and loss, is told in this film through three individuals, each one central to the tale. Thirteen-year-old Emperor Muzong, whose Kingdom is pushed to the brink of destruction by invading Mongolian warriors, demands that a wall be built that can never be breached again. General Qi Jiguang, a military hero and engineering genius, is tasked with overseeing the largest workforce ever assembled on earth. And Zhou Li, an ordinary soldier, is forced to work in conditions of unimaginable hardship but ultimately finds sanctuary and peace in the shadow of this great wall.

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Up The Yangtze (2007) DVDRIP XVID-iGNiTE

A luxury cruise boat motors up the Yangtze — navigating the mythic waterway known in China simply as “The River.” The Yangtze is about to be transformed by the biggest hydroelectric dam in history. At the river’s edge — a young woman says goodbye to her family as the floodwaters rise towards their small homestead. The Three Gorges Dam — contested symbol of the Chinese economic miracle — provides the epic backdrop for Up the Yangtze, a dramatic feature documentary on life inside modern China.

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