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Wild China: Tides of Change (BBC)

From the eastern end of the Great Wall, China's coast spans 14,500km and more than 5,000 years of history. This is a place of huge contrasts: futuristic modern cities jostling with traditional seaweed-thatched villages, ancient tea terraces and wild wetlands where rare animals still survive.

Here Chinese white dolphins, red-crowned cranes, deadly vipers, giant sturgeon and sabre-wielding monkeys struggle to eke out a living faced by competition from 700 million people, widespread pollution and over-fishing. How China is managing such conflicting pressures has lessons for us all.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Kai-Fu Lee Lecture: Google in China

Kai-Fu Lee, President of Google Greater China and Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science alum, gave the School of Computer Science Distinguished Lecture. In his lecture "Google China -- Can a Multinational Internet Company Succeed in China?", he discusses Google's success in China at a time when virtually every multinational Internet company was failing or pulling out.

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Lost Treasures of the Ancient World: Ancient China

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1860年,英法聯軍用一把野蠻的烈火將中國園林建築的集大成者——圓明園化為灰燼。紀錄片《圓明園》採用演員演繹宮廷帝王生活的方式,對與之相關的 歷史橫斷面進行了一次藝術梳理,並運用數字技術,以虛擬的方式完成了對這座"萬園之園"的一次影像再現。影片配以繪畫、檔案文獻和圓明園遺址的紀實手 法拍攝,講述了圓明園從無到有、從輝煌到毀滅的整個過程。

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Antonioni - China 1972

Chung Kuo (Italy) / Cina
Director: Michelangelo Antonioni
Footage: 217min
Year: 1972
Invited to China by the Chinese government, at the height of the Cultural Revolution, Antonioni made a documentary about new China which was fiercely condemned by the Chinese government for seeing the "wrong" China (just as Zabriskie Point was denounced for seeing the wrong America). Chung Kuo consists of three parts. The first part, taken around Beijing, includes kids at an elementary school; older sections of the city; a clinic where a Caesarean operation is performed, using acupuncture; and a cotton mill and its workers. The second part visits the Red Flag canal and a collective farm in Henan, as well as the old city of Suzhou. The final part shows the port and industries of Shanghai. The film and ends with a stage presentation by Chinese acrobats. We see clean streets, apparently happy and well-fed people, bright and beautiful children, an orderly and progressive society... Day-to-day life at every level is captured by the hand-held cameras.

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Wild China - Land of the Panda (BBC)

China's heartland with its Han people is the centre of a 5,000-year-old civilization. This land contains the Great Wall, the Temple of Heaven, and Beijing's Olympic Stadium and is home to some of China's most charismatic creatures such as the giant panda, golden snub-nosed monkey, and golden takin.
China has undergone significant development in the past 50 years, bringing many environmental problems. The programme explores the deep, complex and often extraordinary relationship between the Chinese peoples, their environment and its creatures, and finds out what it means for the future of China.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Battle for Macau : Vegas Comes to China ( National Geographic)

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世纪行过 张学良传 (A Century Memory of Young Marchal)

张学良将军生前常说:「我从来没想到自己会活这么久!」,然而在2001年(民国90年)10月15日,张学良将军因病抢救无效,在美国夏威夷逝世,享年101岁。公视精心推荐「世纪行过---张学良传」,由作家郭冠英和资深媒体人周玉蔻专访张学良;制作单位远赴中国大陆东北等地,拍摄张学良一生走过的地方,节目从筹备整理到最后播出,长达十年之久! 「世纪行过」共有四集,分别介绍张学良生长的地方,以及特殊的家庭背景、在东北与日本人对峙的过程、西安事变发生的始末,以及来台后度过的余生。 张学良一生饱受各种抨击,经历过亲师挚友在阵前成仇的往事,导致自己被终生软禁。张学良将在「世纪行过」节目中畅诉初衷,勾勒他这「引颈就戮」的大块人生。 第一集 白山黑水 第二集 国难家仇 第三集 西安事变 第四集 真自由

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Declassified: Chairman Mao (History Channel)

Mao was the 20th Century's answer to Napoleon: a brilliant tactician, a political and economic theorist, and a statesman who ruled a billion people for three decades. In death, he has become divine, worshiped as a god in a godless country. Considering who and what he ruled, Mao, with his Little Red Book, might just be the single most powerful human being who ever lived. We mine formerly guarded vaults and archives to reveal untold stories in a relentless search for the truth behind the legend.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Asia vs. the West (New America Foundation)

For two centuries Asians have largely been bystanders in world history, reacting to surges of Western commerce, thought, and power.Now former United Nations Ambassador Kishore Mahbubani -- whom Foreign Policy magazine ranked as one of the top 100 public intellectuals in the world -- declares that era is over and the West must embrace rather than resist this structural shift.

Wild China - Beyond the Great Wall (BBC)

China's emperors built the Great Wall to keep their kingdom safe from the hostile barbarians to the north. This is a land of warrior tribes, bizarre wildlife and extreme weather, but also of vast and breathtaking evergreen forests, grassy plains and sweeping desert dunes, rich with history.
The legendary Silk Road drew traders and their camels across the deserts in search of fabulous wealth, and fierce Mongolian horsemen conquered the known world. Today, nomadic tribesmen still race horses and hunt with golden eagles, while tiny hamsters and Asia's last wild horses struggle to survive in the world's most northerly desert.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is China Friend or Foe? (Lee Kuan Yew)

In a keynote session at the INSEAD Leadership Summit in Asia, the founder of modern Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew, revealed that during a meeting with Washington aides to presidential candidates, he was asked whether the US should regard China as a friend or foe. His reply: “Neither at the moment.” He then added that in 20 years’ time, the US will be dealing with a different set of leaders.

China's Water Challenge (Asian Development Bank)

Rapid economic development and population growth are putting severe pressure on water resources in the People's Republic of China (PRC). This DVD features Shanghai, Gansu Province, and the Yellow River basin as models of PRC's commitment to developing its water sector. Investments in rural and urban water services and in river basin management are underway.

China's Sexual Revolution 2007 (CBC)

Monday, June 2, 2008

China Vs The U.S. - The Battle For Oil

China's sky-rocketing growth and shortage of sufficient resources is forcing China to set its sights outside its borders in a frantic search for oil, but the major oil-producing countries are kept off-limits by the United States, forcing China to do business with the rogue states, African dictatorships, Iran and former Russian states - to get the oil they desperately need. Featuring field encounters, archival footage, news reports and maps to outline the latest threat in world geopolitics.

Please Vote for Me - (PBS)

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME is an award-winning documentary about an interesting social experiment with democracy in China. In an elementary school in the city of Wuhan in central China, three eight-year-old students campaign for the coveted position of class monitor. This is the first election for a class leader to be held in China. The three candidates hold debates, campaign tirelessly and show their intellectual and artistic skills, until one is voted the winner. Their parents, devoted to their only child, take part and start to influence the results. Language: Mandarin+English Subs Director: Weijun Chen

Sunday, June 1, 2008

China's Driving Dreams - National Geograhic (2007)

Cars are racing into China, supercharging its economy and delivering dreams of a better life. But cars are now clogging highways and spewing out clouds of pollution. The rest of the world better watch out, because some Chinese automakers have plans to flood the global market with cheaper models. In the Geely Automotive plant in Ningbo, a worker shares some alone time with his girlfriend in the canteen after hours before heading back to the dormitory he shares with seven other men. The company's chairman and founder, Li Shufu, welcomes the freshmen at his university in Beijing, who one day will work at Geely and take its products global. David and Vivian Ren shop for a car in Beijing, before spending a 12-hour day picking it up, arranging the licence plate and paying for it all with cash. The automobile industry and private car ownership are pivotal to China's economic advancement. Call it a driving dream or a nightmare, this is China's revolution on wheels.